Located at Plengkung in the Alas Purwo Nature Reserve on the eastern tip of Java.
From Bali: Season 2006 is promising to be another one with a delayed start due to events at the end of season 2005, however as always will produce the same rewards that the jungle offers each season, after all this is G-Land.

With a super efficient FAST BOAT service being offered by SUrF TRaVeL ONLiNe the trip is more comfortable or faster.

There is still the option of overland travel but why put yourself through the ordeal, when you can wake up early , jump on the FAST BOAT & be in camp for breakfast & as the waves clean up with the trades you are all set for your stay in G-Land [Grajagan].

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There are 3 surf camps in G-Land [Grajagan] G-Land Surf Camp , Bobbys and G-Land Jungle Camp , all of which are represented by SUrF TRaVeL ONLiNe.

Superlatives have been used about “Grajagan” since it was first discovered in the early ’70’s, and it has consistently justified it’s reputation ever since. G-Land offers the most reliably perfect and power-packed left-hand barrels found. Like Uluwatu, it has a perfect position facing due west out of the trade winds, but it has a more exposure to different swell directions, and is located adjacent to a 10km deep ocean trench so it has more power, and deeper, straighter, longer barrels.

Essentially 3 to 4 take-off zones.

Kong’s, starting way outside on the outer point , where some big, often unruly walls form up. Kong’s can be quite whackable and approachable on it’s day but is generally best surfed on low tide, light winds and smaller swell. A 4 foot day with WSW swell in these conditions can see it barrel, but often it will be windy and uninviting. It’s a fairly long walk and paddle or reef-hop, depending on tides.
Moneytrees, the main take-off point, is across a useful channel from Kong’s. A fast, extended, split-filled barrel in anything from 2 to 10ft, it gets hairy on low tide with the coral table very close. Kicking out at the right time is essential as it is difficult, and the result of failure can be good skinning.Mid tide sessions can deliver the best tubes of your life
Launching Pads, is the next section which is an outside peak that can split the crowd. It can break a long way out the back and is generally firing if Money’s is closing out. It is also the outer take-off for G-Land’s most spectacular barrel provider SPEEDIES.

Speedies, Speed Reef is an appropriately named, shallow, heavy barrel for 150m or more at the end of the G-Land reef set-up. On a big south pulse (preferably over 6ft), it wedges on take-off and bends into an ever accelerating race for the exit. The barrel is often perfect for over 100yds, and has enormous energy and roundness. Lower tides are hazardous with the reef never far under fin.

All the sections change with the tide, and big days mean current and a permanent paddle. The reef is sharp, and there are coral snakes, urchins, even the odd shark (no recorded attacks).

G-Land other waves
On large days, Chickens, down the beach, can be a good warm up wave; it will be smaller and more fun with some low tide barrels possible. Further along still, 20/20’s is a pretty good, quite left-hand reef pass with a wedgy right next door. Again not a classic. Tiger Tracks, way further down, is a short fun right off the rocks.

On a macking south swell, early morning, Tanjung Kucur has a set of quality, very rare long rights. Ask your camp host how to get there because this is a major trek through the national park, and will more often than not be unrewarded.