The Banyaks
declared off-limits to boat charters by the Indonesian government, the Banyaks lie 20 NM offshore from Singkil on mainland Sumatra Overland and ferry access from there if you are immensely patient. The only meaningful way to surf the islands is by yacht charter as and when the ban is lifted. What accommodation there is,BANYAK ISLAND LODGE located in the Bay of Plenty surrounded by lush tropical rain forest the first land based surf-eco lodge in the banyaks that provides surfers and non-surfers alike with comfortable accommodation that sits directly in front of a unique 3 wave setup.The lodge is an exclusive 8 guest facility providing surf trips that give maximum surf time with all the comforts and freedom

The Banyaks offer a wide range of surf suitable for all levels, styles and ages.

Due to its northern hemisphere location the banyaks are blessed with year round surf.

Trade winds from October to march blow offshore in the bay of plenty. West swell that hits the bay of plenty directly are generated by a combination of tropical cyclones in the Indian ocean while being enhanced by lingering swells from the south. 2008/9 off season saw back to back swells that ranged from 2-6ft.

From April to October winds are variable and usually tend west to south/west late morning making a combination of bay of plenty in the mornings and treasure island in the afternoon the chosen spots for optimal surf time. Ground swells from south-africa generate waves that range from 2-10ft with the odd swell reaching 12. When the big swells hit theres no other place to be than the banyaks.